Sunday, July 22, 2012

Girl date

Evie & I enjoyed a 'girl date' last week, it was awesome! My parents looked after Dexter for the morning & thankfully he was an angel for them!

Evie & I wore matching clothes; dresses, tights, and out best coats. We spent time browsing in nice shops, enjoyed a relaxed morning tea & giggled alot. I love this girl so much! In the business of day-to-day I can forget the pure joy of hanging out together & holding that warm little hand in mine.

Carpark self-portrait, pity we forgot our lipstick! 

 Evie & her beloved Penny, after enjoying a delicious hot chocolate

Evie took this one, slightly blurry but not bad!

Yes, dancing with your own reflection is hilarious! 

Ha, she just would not pose like a normal person!!

some vitals:
Evie's coat is vintage, bought from Frecklewonder for last winter, I'm so glad it still fits!
Evie's gloves in the last pic are actually mine, from Sandra Juto


  1. Love your girl date. You both look like you enjoyed your time together. How very special!

    1. it was lovely! Do you take your boys out on dates? It would be the cutest!

    2. Well I have taken Lachlan on special Mum and Lachlan time in the past. Which I just love. But it has reminded me to do it more!

  2. I love doing this with my girls and what beautiful smiles.

    Nina x

    1. thanks Nina! I'll have to check out your blog too :)


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