Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Snotty days

Evie & I are just getting over a another batch of colds - so gross & tiring, thankfully Roger & Dex have been exempt from this one!!

Evie is sick but smiley. She is somehow still bubbly & happy when sick, & has thankfully been happy to play on her own alot. (She is watching Finding Nemo as I type this, a nice little break for me!)

Dexter has been the only one napping, which I'm envious of! I really hope he doesn't catch this cold, it's super hard not to kiss him though!!

Evie has been perfecting her hammerhead shark drawing. I really love it! Can you see his hammerhead with eyes, sharp teeth & two fins??

Evie also painted the outline of her hand (and much of her hand), I thought it was a good effort!

Here's the baby & I in our home dags (with birthday bunting in the background).

Hope you're all keeping well!!


  1. Her hammerhead shark is just AWESOME! Future artist I think!
    We had about 5 weeks in a row of snotty days! Its not a very enjoyable time!

    1. Thanks Janeen, I'd like to think so!
      We're finally snot free, hope you are too!


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