Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some lovely links - 23

- check out this awesome bunk bed from 1975, love it! Designed by Luigi Colani, via Rafa Kids

- it's common sense, but I need to be reminded! from The Daily Muse

- gorgeous embroidery, love the colours & textures! from Imogen Eve

- gorgeous wallet from Rib & Hull

- I looove scandinavian homes! from linda bergroth , via my scandinavian home

- eight tips for beating a headache naturally

- what to pack when going on holidays with children

- some ideas to get kids eating healthy dinners (the French way!)

- cool craft project, neon & wood necklaces!

- I'm considering purchasing one of these books of iron-on pictures, so cool!

- I've done my hair in this perfect knot the last couple of days, effortlessly chic!

- this lentil soup sounds delish!

- some great green cleaning tips using borax


  1. Lovely links - especially like the perfect hair knot, so simple, but nice change from my usual ponytail. Oh, and I'm already a fan of The Wholefood Mama's lentil soup. It's lovely you included my embroidery.

    1. I really do love the colours you used & the texture created, if only I had room for a new hobby!


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