Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mission 'Party' is complete!

Evie's 3rd birthday party was a success, and with a minimum of stress too! We scored a beautiful sunny spring morning, so the kids could run around outside.Evie played with her little friends, and there weren't any conflicts, so us parents got to relax too!!

Here's a peek at the amazing cake I made!! (Icing does hide a multitude of sins - glued together pieces of cake, resting on another cake, made taller by sponge finger biscuits because her feet stuck out the bottom!) This Belle doll didn't come with a crown, an old shiny button did the trick!

I made party bags for the kids too, sewing their initials on the front. Evie loves these little drawstring bags for her bits & pieces, so I figured the other kids would like them too! I was able to use material that I had at home already, also cost effective!

Here's a pic of the birthday girl! Rog is lighting the candles, and Evie's happy as larry! Facepaint courtesy of Auntie Megan, Jemima jumper courtesy of Auntie Emma!


  1. Awh it looks like the perfect party Laura! Evie is looking so much more grown up every day! Love the cake (aaah memories) and LOVE the drawstring bags- it's a great idea, which I will steal xxx

  2. thanks Kate! it was pretty perfect :) you're welcome to steal my bag idea, I used felt for the initials because it doesn't fray


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