Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pretty light shade

When we fixed up Evie's new room I had a go at her light fitting. I forgot to take a before shot (duh!) so you'll have to imagine that this shade was completed beige and screwed to her ceiling - dusty & a bit gross looking. Now take a look!

Pink is Evie's favourite colour, so I searched through my stash of cotton scraps and found some lovely ones that I handstitched onto the lamp shade. I'm so happy with the results! (I'd do it slightly differently next time, it's not quite perfect, but Evie doesn't mind!) We bought the hanging thing from Ikea and are really happy with it (except that it's a little low for us grown-ups!)

I really like that Evie has something pretty & a bit different, and also free & re-used. hooray!

ps - Evie woke up with a cold this morning, boo! On the bright side it's a treat to sit here in my pj's rather than taking her to an early morning swimming lesson :)

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