Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brown paper packages...

The postman delivered the most exciting mail in a while yesterday, take a look!

My latest issue of real living and a package from sandra juto!! As a birthday indulgence for myself I ordered a pair of her hand-crocheted wrist worms (which I have been eyeing off for over a year!).

Sandra is having a wrist-worm sale, which convinced me to take the plunge on this lovely dark-grey pair. I have such a thing for dark-grey, they perfectly match my fave cardy, scarf & heavy coat. I am so in love with these things! I took a pic of them on my hands, which I felt like a dork doing, so I had to make a silly pose:


ps - we have our camera back, which is awesome, I so missed it! In our not-so-sunny winter light I'm not getting great focus in our photos, which you prob noticed in this post! We've ordered a new (2nd hand) lens that we're hoping will help with this!


thanks for taking the time to read my blog & comment!