Monday, July 25, 2011

A few Evie outfits

Ok, so these ones are quite cute outfits, I haven't taken photos of Evie's more 'homeless' choices lately. You know the kind - neon dress, trackies, sneakers, jacket, beanie, scarfe - just lovely!

I also have to mention that Evie will no longer smile nicely for a photo - I get anywhere from a grumpy frown to silly faces, I don't know why, what an actress!

Evie actually let me put her hair in two braids this day with ribbons, so cute! This red top (or it might be a smaller girls dress?) we picked up at an op-shop for $2, bargain! (We also bought the matching blue one!)

(ha! that face!) This day we were going out to the shops & to have morning tea & Evie wanted her outfit to be just like mine, aww!

For some reason Evie let me dress her this day (what a fluke!) so I popped her in some clothes she doesn't wear very often, I think she looks lovely! And obviously she was too busy dancing to pose!


  1. I love these - and I love deeply skeptical she looks in that first picture!

  2. thanks girls!
    Kate, always a pleasure!
    Julie, nice to meet someone new! I'll be checking out your blog too!


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