Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shed day

pic from Baubau Haus, found via Pinterest

We're outside organising the shed today. Yes it's pouring with rain & freezing cold, but what a satisfying job! After clearing out my nanna's house this past week I've been thinking about all the stuff that we (mainly I!) collect that we really don't need! We're all rugged up, pulling everything out of boxes & shelves & ditching heaps of stuff - feels awesome! Next I'm looking forward to going through my wardrobe & drawers, the op-shop is going to love me this week!

Do you need to de-clutter your life? Any tips??


  1. after I read this I went straight to work! Thanks for inspiring me! While I haven't thrown anything out, I put some new storage in our spare room and how have some floor to walk on! Everything is nicely packed away. Only hint I have is taking photos of sentimental objects you're having trouble getting rid of (Google "the infinite garage project")


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