Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dex at six months

Hope that's not photo overload, but I couldn't resist! (and yes, Evie dressed herself there!). Dex turned six months while we were all sick in Melbourne, so these pics were taken a few days after our return.

What can I tell you about this boy? He is an absolute delight! The smiles, talking & giggles just make my day! You can't quite see in these photos, but Dex has this lovely, fluffy, sticky-up halo of hair, it cracks me up!

Dexter learnt to roll from back-to-front a few weeks ago & has now completely mastered the skill & I don't think he's too far off starting to crawl now. He's manoeuvring in a circle & working out how to reach what he's after.

We also have a first tooth on the horizon. One of the bottom middle teeth looks like it's trying to poke through, poor little thing!

I really need to wean Dex off the dummy now. It was pretty much done before our holiday, but then he needed the comfort while sick & the dummy is again firmly attached for all sleeps. I'm getting sick of waking up in the night just to pop it back it. The weaning must begin!


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