Sunday, August 19, 2012

The yucks

Hi again! We've just returned from the worst family holiday ever, you think I'm exaggerating?

I've been excited about our first family holiday for ages, flying to Melbourne and staying four nights, awesome, right?

How about Dexter waking up with gastro on the first morning there, then we all contract it and spend the holiday in our hotel room. Yep, not awesome! Although we did leave the room for a trip to the new Melbourne Children's Hospital, which is a beautiful new facility with a two story aquarium (gorgeous!). Incidentally we were worried that the kids were dehydrated, but they were fine.

We're home now, but still recovering from the after affects. Evie is fine and bouncing off the walls again. It's good to see, I've never seen her so sick & zombie-like. Dex is still coming back to food & drink slowly, but he's on the mend. Rog & I got this weird strain of the gastro that is more like a flu, so we're still exhausted & coughing, but getting there.

Evie says she "never ever wants to go on another holiday ever again" because she might get "bed sick with the yucks". So we might wait a while before trying again!

Here's a few pics that we took:

 We enjoyed a lovely breakfast together the first morning there in one of Melbourne's atmospheric laneways. This cafe had heaters & lap rugs, cute!
Speaking of cute...

These painted elephants were throughout the CBD, but we only managed to get photos of three, Evie loved them.

My darling Dex & the proof that I was on the holiday too


  1. Oh that is the WORST! I'm sorry to hear how crappy (no pun intended) your holiday was :( On the bright side, you look like a very cool and funky and lovely family. I also love the elephants :) xx

  2. Oh I got sick with the same thing, when I went to Melbourne a few weeks ago. Its no fun being in a different place when your feeling really bad.


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