Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some lovely links - 24

- free card download from Martha Stewart, via Charlotte's Fancy

- yummy tortilla recipe (which we've cooked a few times for burittos) from Dinner, A Love Story

- gorgeous velvet quiltcover & bedlinen from Castle

- lovely handwoven & handpainted scarfe from Milena

- aww, cute little kiddy tights from Harvest Textiles

- This video cracked me up, a real actor reading a Yelp review (customer review of a restaurant), via A Cup of Jo

- cool recipe for DIY coloured & scented lip balm

- in Denmark they're building a bicycle superhighway, so awesome

- delicious recipe for Pad Thai that we had the other night (with added little prawns!)

- recipe for Banana Date loaf, it's really yum! (I do half natural yoghurt, half milk - fancy!)

- some tips for travelling with kids

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