Friday, August 31, 2012

Sewing exploits

I haven't updated you on my sewing adventures in a while, so this post is a bit of a doozy!

Ok, so these leggings were sewn over a month ago. I traced a pair of Evie's leggings & added a harem crotch (I figured that would cover any fit issues!). I used some t-shirt fabric that my mum had hanging around from the 90's, which incidentally we both think is pretty cool! This was the only photo I could get of my reluctant model!

For our big trip I sewed myself a baby sling, which was a good decision because I used it heaps! I used this tutorial & I'm really happy with how it turned out. I used some chambray that I had hanging around, and the rings are from a hardware store. Yes, I did want a pic of Dexter's cute face, but he flatly refused!

Evie's much loved Penny made the trip to Melbourne with us, so before we left I sewed together a quick collar & label (with our contact details) in case the worst happened!

I noticed recently that Evie's sunhat wasn't shading her face (defeats the purpose really!) so I sewed her a new one. It's reversible as you can see here, and I used quilting cotton I had in my stash.

After my success at sewing t-shirts for Evie, Roger requested one. I traced one of his well-fitting shirts & created a pattern to sew this one. I'm pretty proud of it! Next time I sew one there's a bit of tweaking to do, but overall it's quite cool! (once again, this is some t-shirting from my mum's stash)

Ok, so I'm aware that this braggy post makes me look very productive, but I'm not showing you the pile of half-finished projects I have lying around!! (and some, like that sunhat, were cut out for months before they were sewn!)

Have you been up to any great projects lately?


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